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How-to Easily Organize Your Home

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

organize-homeThree Principles of Organizing Your Home

Often we put off organizing because we aren’t really sure where to begin and how to go about it. I have found that the best method to organizing any room, shelf, closet, or living space is to first, PURGE, second, SORT, and third, FIND A HOME.

This approach is effective and thorough, allowing the greatest satisfaction, especially for the most difficult rooms and spaces to organize.

PURGING. Select a space or room in your home that you want to organize. Remove everything from that space. If you are purging a shelf or closet, you can place the items on a table, bed, or couch in the same room. If you are purging a room, use boxes to place things in.

SORTING. If you are organizing an entire room, you should sort as you purge since you will be placing items in boxes and won’t necessarily want to sort every box again. Label each box with category titles of things you will be placing in them.

For instance, if you are organizing your bedroom and you are purging several things that really belong in the kitchen, then label one of the boxes, KITCHEN.


As you purge the items, you will see what categories exist. If you are organizing a smaller space like a shelf, closet, or night stand, sort the items you purged from that area and place them in categories.

For instance, if you are sorting a night stand, after purging, you may discover extra books, numerous paperclips and pens, plates or cups from mid-night snacks, movies, a lamp, cell phone, lotion, cough medicine and cough drops from the last cold you endured, and other miscellaneous items.

Place each item in categories such as the plates and cups under KITCHEN, cold medicine and cough drops under MEDICINE, paperclips and pens in OFFICE SUPPLY and so forth. You can write the categories on sticky notes and place the labels with the correlating items.


January is Home Organization Month

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

feng-shui-tipsMake Space The Feng Shui Style

The way you maintain your home, tells you a lot about the personality of a person. An unorganized mind is an unorganized life. Look at things around you. Does your closet overflow? Is that tiny corner of the house been used wisely? Is the area under your bed permanent storage space for junk?

Remember your mom say, “Cleanliness begins at home!” Similarly, an ancient Chinese proverb says that if you want to change your life, you must move things in your home.

So we bring you these simple Feng Shui steps of redesign and discover how you can revitalize your life.

entrance-doorwayFIRST IS YOUR ENTRANCE


Your main door is considered as “qi” i.e. the nourishment of your home. Therefore, if your entrance is easy to access, kept clean and let the air flow freely, your energy levels will most definitely increase.


See to it that the area around is not blocked, your qi will be diminished. Remember to take off the huge coats and hats as well as the smelly shoe rack.

Decorate that same space with a painting on the wall, or a nice floral vase. Maybe even wash the adjacent window sills to let fresh air flow in that gleams on the entrance.

bedroom-organization-feng-shuiTHE NEXT ARE YOUR BEDROOMS


The bedroom is designed for one and only purpose – relaxation of mind and body. But we all just fling things around and it’s cluttered with paperwork, clothes, or electronic screens that beckon you to multitask. This is why with the smell and untidiness, you do not get sleep or flinch with the slightest touch or noise.


One word – ORGANIZE. Move your televisions and other screens out of the room. Segregate your paperwork into folders and place them in a drawer. See to it that all the items go into their rightful place. Earn brownie points by organizing your closet and bed too.