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3 Steps To Choosing Furniture

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

furniture-design-stylesDo you ever feel overwhelmed when you walk into a furniture store or are browsing a furniture store website?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With all the different colors, styles, fabrics, names brands, prices, and materials, it can feel like you just got hit with a ton of bricks

But maybe choosing furniture isn’t really as hard as we think it is. There are 3 easy steps to take to know beforehand what to look for. That way when you’re surfing the web or visiting your local furniture store, you know exactly what you want and won’t end up walking around for hours trying to decide.

The steps are as follows:
1. Choose a style.
2. Choose the color(s).
3. Choose the shade of wood you want.

These steps seem pretty simple, right? Yet, online you will find (what feels like) too many different styles to choose from. But I will simplify it for you here for the moment.

bedroom-furniture-suiteBasically, many of the styles can be put into four categories: Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, and Chic.

So what are you looking for? Are you needing to add that contemporary twist into your home or maybe that rustic feel? First, we need to understand what these different styles really mean.

The Modern Style is what we would consider being from the 19th century till today. It comes about because of the art style, modernism. The furniture is more of a practical nature and is meant to not be excessive. Especially after World War II, when not many people had an excess of anything. It is usually compact and multifunctional, making it perfect for apartments and smaller homes.


Tommy Bahama Home Furniture Design

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Ivory Key Furniture Design by Tommy Bahama Home

Ivory Key Furniture Design Preview

Where old world tradition meets new world spirit and classic white meets vibrant color. Elegance and inspiration blend to become one.

Embracing the rich history and laid back style of Bermuda Tommy Bahama Home presents Ivory Key.

British, European an Moroccan influences are reflected in traditional elements like the distinctive quatrefoil design, refined pendant pulls and burnished silver leaf accents.

Woven raffia in a soft white finish takes on the sophisticated look of natural linen while leather-wrapped bamboo carving speak to the relax island-style of Tommy Bahama.


The white finish with parchment highlights sets off elegant design details and custom hardware and allows a palette of Island colors to make a bold statement.

Ivory Key embodies the casual and colorful sided of Tommy Bahama.

The look is sophisticated with the lifestyle is casual and cool enjoy understated elegance with a fresh Island vibe.

Ivory Key Furniture Design from Tommy Bahama Home.

Tommy Bahama Home Furniture Designs available at McGann Furniture of Baraboo