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Ten Tips For Decorating Your First Home

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

red-front-doorTop 10 Tips For Decorating & Furnishing Your First Home

Choosing a first home is arguably one of the most important decisions that you will ever have to make in your life.

It’s not just a case of finding something that you like and going for it; there are many other factors that must be considered first.

You have to find a suitable area, something that is relatively central to your work and family commitments, and of course your home needs to be big enough for your family to grow into as the years go by.

This can be an incredibly stressful process, if you focus on the big picture as opposed to breaking the task down into bitesize chunks and approach it with a holistic and thorough approach.

The main thing of course though, is that you try to enjoy yourself and have fun in the process.

All you need is a little bit of planning! Check out our top 10 tips for decorating and furnishing your first home for a little insight into how you can take much of the stress out of the equation.

wood-flooring-optionsStart Neutral

Neutrality is important when furnishing your home, given that is allows much more flexibility when it comes to decoration. Opting for colours like black, white and timber tones is helpful as they are easily dressed up with a splash of colour which can be drawn from things such as rugs, furniture, cushions and paintings.

Write Everything Down

There are many things in life which you can get away with ‘winging’; decorating and furnishing your home is not one of them. It is important that you are careful to budget and list things down so that you can gain a clearer scope of how much work you have to achieve, and how much money you have to do so.

mattresses_DSC5447A Good Bed is not Good Enough

We spend the large majority of our lives in bed, though not nearly enough is you ask me. You will have many things to buy over the coming months, none so important as your beds and bedding.

Investing a little extra on something as important as this will not only make your life easier, but it can improve your overall health and well-being.

The different between a good ‘standard’ bed and an excellent one is staggering – bridge the gap and treat yourself, as there are other ways for you to save money during a renovation.


How to Improve Your Home’s Decor

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

entrance-doorwaySimple Ways to Improve Decor in Your Home

People often put a lot of effort in decorating the house because you want to live in a beautiful and comfortable house. If you start to get bored of the decoration, you can always make it fresh and exciting by making little changes. It is essential that you feel happy and refreshed in your house. The decorations do not always have to be expensive because several affordable decoration ideas can make your place look beautiful.

Here are some useful décor ideas that will make your house look gorgeous.

Adding corner shelves:

If you have bare walls in the house and you are finding it annoying, then you can decorate the wall and add smart storage space by adding corner shelves. These are an excellent way of getting the storage space that you need. The corner is mostly considered dead spaces and often end up empty. By adding corner shelves, you will not just cover these dead spaces but get a good storage space. You can put your books and other decorations on these shelves.

dining-buffet-decorDecorating the front:

The front or entry is critical because it is responsible for creating the first image of the house. The front is the representation of your style, so it is important that you pay particular attention to it. Do not clutter the foyer space and try to maximize it. You can add little decorations such as baskets where you can put mail or house keys. You can also get a foyer sized table and put some beautiful flowers on it. The mirror is always an excellent addition to the foyer area.

Updating the furniture:

The best way of making the house look fresh is to upgrade the furniture with each season. You do not always have to spend a lot of money and buy new furniture to refresh the look. The affordable and best way of changing furniture for different seasons is used covers. They are available in an extensive variety of colors, materials, styles and designs. You can experiment with different colors and options before finding the best one and most suitable one.


Add Some Fun to Your Home Decorating!

Friday, October 24th, 2014

mcgann-furniture-store-home-accents-210 Fun Home Accessories to Liven Up Your Home

by Richard Carnill

Home is where the heart is, but having a home filled with fun décor truly makes it a special, loving place. Whether you like modern styles, prefer something more rustic and antique, or love bold and bright colours, there is a number of home accessories that will really enhance your décor and turn your house into the home that you love. Take a look at the top 10 fun home accessories that we think that you will love. They certainly add a special character to your home.

1. Panel Mirror

Unlike a traditional mirror, a panel mirror is made up of several smaller mirrors that, when paired together, create a mystical and mysterious look that you will love. There is various sizes of panel mirrors offered from different companies and sold at different prices. Consider adding one to the family room or to accent a hallway.

2. Flower Vases

Vases of flowers look good sitting in any room in the home. Keep things interesting by selecting vases of different colors, shapes and sizes, and add even more fun to things with a variety of fresh or artificial flowers of different colors.

3. Art Work

This is also versatile, with prints to offer to everyone. Whether you are a fan of Picasso or prefer abstract art from modern-day designers, there is plenty of pieces that will fulfill your walls need for colour and clarity. Art is mysterious, yet it is also so much fun. Consider adding several different pieces to your collection.

mcgann-furniture-store-baraboo-area-rugs-24. Area Rugs

Area rugs are also available in different styles, shapes and designs. Use them to accent your coffee tables and end tables, kitchen table, the lamp, and even for décor in the middle of a large room. Although rugs do not have to match, keep the same patterns or colour scheme going on so that your home doesn’t look a wreck.

5. Candles

A candle can change your entire mood. With candles available in many different scents, a scented candle is sure to please. Add candles to the fireplace mantle, coffee tables, the night stand and anywhere else that you want fragrant notes with a touch of charm.

home-decorating-pillows6. Printed Pillows

Pillows are good for use in more than just the bedroom. Choose your favourite design and add small printed pillows to the sofa, the chairs in your home, and anywhere else that needs to be spruced up a bit. They instantly add mega-charm to the area, all for a very small cost.

7. Chandelier

A chandelier is designed for use inside of the kitchen. Adding one to your light fixture can turn a plain, boring light and kitchen ensemble into something remarkable. (more…)

Home Decor Styles

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

home-room-decor-stylesHome Decor – Dіѕрlау Yоur Tаlеntѕ, And Yоur Tаѕtеѕ

Some реорlе have a knасk when іt соmеѕ tо home dесоr. Thеу can thrоw just аbоut аnуthіng uр оn the wаllѕ, аnd it looks grеаt!

Wіth ѕо mаnу hоmе decor styles to choose from, thеrе must be ѕоmеthіng аll оf us can do tо mаkе оur hоmеѕ unіquе аnd bеаutіful.

Lеt’ѕ tаkе ѕhаbbу сhіс decor. It’ѕ so сhаrmіng аnd relaxing, the perfect dесоr fоr the home оf a true southern bеllе. Thе rоmаntіс ѕtуlе оf shabby сhіс lеndѕ іtѕеlf to thе rеlаxеd, unрrеtеntіоuѕ реrѕоnаlіtу. Cаn уоu paint? If ѕо, this may be the perfect hоmе dесоr for уоu.

In shabby chic dесоr, mоѕt furniture and ассеntѕ аrе wоrn lооkіng, wіth a dіѕtrеѕѕеd finish. Put a lіght coat оf whіtе раіnt оn a fеw рісturе frames, an еnd tаblе, or a rocking сhаіr. Sаnd lightly, untіl thе fіnіѕh lооkѕ a little worn. You’ve juѕt аddеd a personal tоuсh to уоur unіԛuе ѕtуlе оf home decor!

Lоvе country dесоr? Thіѕ іѕ оnе оf the mоѕt lоvеd ѕtуlеѕ, especially іn thе ѕоuth. Pеорlе аrе аbѕоlutеlу сrаzу about rооѕtеrѕ, ѕunflоwеrѕ – аnуthіng wіth lots оf warm соlоrѕ. Country decor is ѕо warm and welcoming, еѕресіаllу in thе kіtсhеn. This іѕ асtuаllу my fаvоrіtе ѕtуlе оf hоmе dесоr (аnd I am from the south, I’ll аdmіt). (more…)