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Carpeting Can Add a Bright New Look

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

carpeting-carpet-samplesCarpets Brightens Up the Look of the Place

Carpets are mainly used for decorative purposes to give your house or your office at times a more sophisticated look. They instantly brighten up the surroundings and give the place a more polished look.

It is also a great way to keep the respective place clean compared to places that don’t have carpets at all. However there are a number of benefits that one can enjoy by carpeting a place of their choice that they think need it.

Here are some valuable benefits of doing so:


Like I mentioned earlier, carpeting has mostly to do with enhancing the appearance of the place. It gives a certain touch to the décor with the various colors and designs it is available in. This carpeting can help you in some way to provide you with the kind of looking you have been looking for, for your home or office.

carpeting-new-carpet-flooring• BRINGING IN THE STYLE STREAK

Styling the look of a room is very important to create a kind of an impression on the people who would be visiting those places.

Over the years, with the hundreds and thousands of styles, patterns, cuts that have embraced the markets of such designing carpets are good enough for providing the premises with such a style statement.


Ever tried curling up like a ball on a cold winter night right in front of that warm fireplace? When you have a soft and warm carpet laid in front of it, it gives you the most comforting feeling ever o lie on it and curl up with a blanket. Carpets are soft and extremely comfortable and it gives you a very pleasant feel.


Hardwood Flooring Advantages and Maintenance Tips

Friday, April 29th, 2016

baraboo-wisconsin-furniture-hardwood-flooringHelpful Tips on Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring is a huge financial commitment that pays off in a big way in the long run. With that in mind, it is important to be able to take care of your new flooring to have it in top condition for as long as possible. With proper care and maintenance, it is possible to have your hardwood flooring for many years; even a lifetime. Before getting into the helpful tips on hardwood flooring, it is only right to first explore why you would want to consider this kind of flooring in the first place.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

There are many advantages attached to hardwood floor which is why this is one of the most popular types of floor on the home renovation market today. Some of the advantages in this case include:


Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring

Maintenance: as you will soon discover, hardwood floors are very easy to clean and generally care for. The inherent properties of the wood make it resistant to dirt and stains such that they don’t stick to the floor. Most of what is needed is regular vacuuming and mopping with a damp cloth or mop. In addition to this, unlike carpet, wood doesn’t fade and will retain its original color for a long time to come.

Health: because wood doesn’t trap debris in the way carpet does, the air in the house is usually fresher and cleaner. This is especially important for people with allergies or respiratory illnesses who need constant clean air in and around the home.


Add Variety with Different Flooring Designs

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Pairing Flooring Types

Check out these flooring options from Mohawk

Who said you have to stick to one flooring style in your home or even in the same room.

There are many ways to prepare multiple flooring types for an elegant stylish look.

custom-flooring-designsWith a little planning you can use different flooring textures to create the perfect feel that’s all your own.

Hardwood and ceramic tile look great together and each flooring type makes the other look even better. Both are extremely durable and transform your kitchen into an upscale restaurant feel.

A ceramic fireplace will also look stellar in a living room or a family room with rustic hardwood flooring for a great outdoor aesthetic.

Think area rugs when you want to add a soft touch to your pre-existing hard surface floor.

A custom sized Smart Strand Rug from Mohawk will add the perfect pop of softness and color to any room.

Whether it’s a tiled bathroom, a hardwood hallway and everywhere in between.

Stop into the Flooring Design Gallery at McGann Furniture of Baraboo and see what we have in store for you!

Forever Clean, the Softest Carpet

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean: The World’s Softest Carpet Just Got Easier to Clean

Discover more about the world's softest carpet at McGann Furniture

SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean is one amazing carpet. It’s the softest carpet you’ll ever touch. It also has a built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off. It’s easy to clean with just water or a mild detergent, and its gorgeous.

SmartStrand Silk is the first carpet in history to offer all these advantages rolled into one beautiful carpet. Now you don’t have to choose between comfort and durability or between easy cleanup and long-lasting good looks.

smart-strand-mohawk-carpetSmartStrand Silk has it all ready to go wherever you want. It has three times the fiber of ordinary soft carpet making it the world’s softest carpet.

And when we put it to the test in shopping malls across the country consumers preferred SmartStrand Silk 5 to 1 over other premium soft nylon. Ketchup, red wine, coffee, thousands of shoppers put SmartStrand Silk to the test and no one was able to stain SmartStrand.

Now Mohawk has managed to improve SmartStrand Silk by adding a new spill and soil technology that makes SmartStrand even easier to clean.

SmartStrand Silk now features Nanoloc an advance carpet protection system that completely encapsulated SmartStrand fiber to create superior spill and soil barrier.  Making this carpet up to three-times easier to clean.


Hardwood Flooring Care

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Care and Maintenance Tips for Hardwood Floors

Tips for taking care of your hardwood flooring

Hi I’m Chip Wade you might recognize me as a host, designer and contractor from TV.

Today we’re going to discuss the best care and maintenance tips from one of my favorite flooring types, hardwood flooring.

hardwood-flooring-careHardwoods are amazing performers in your home but they’re not indestructable following some great general guide lines will help you maintain the strength and lasting beauty for years to come.

First, vacuum and sweep your floor regularly with a soft bristle broom especially in high traffic areas, this will reduce grit and dirt buildup that can scratch the wood surface.

Make sure you use a vacuum that does not have a meter bar or rotary brush head. For spills wipe immediately and use Mohawk floor care essentials part wood and laminate floor cleaner. Apply directly to a clean white cloth.


American Made Carpet & Flooring by Mohawk

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Made in America Mohawk Flooring & Carpeting

Buy American Made Carpet and Flooring, Support Local Business!

In 2011 ABC World Nеwѕ with Dіаnе Sаwуеr featured a week-long еxроse оn home рrоduсtѕ made in Amеrіса.

Mohawk саrреt ѕресіfісаllу Smаrt Strand Dupont Sorona was prominently fеаturеd in this еxроѕе. It showcased the fact that саrреts аnd flооrіng are one of thе rеmаіnіng аnd important mаnufасturіng buѕіnеѕѕеѕ thаt produce high-quality jоbѕ аnd products mаdе іn Amеrіса. Lеt’ѕ tаkе a lооk.

made-n-america-productsAnd now our mаdе in America challenge. One Amеrісаn fаmіly stunned thеу thоught thеу had ѕо many Amеrісаn-mаdе gооdѕ іn thеіr hоmе.

They let uѕ tаkе оut everything nоt made in Amеrіса and dіѕсоvеrеd thе hоuѕе was virtually bаrе. Wеll, tonight can wе rерlасе it wіth goods mаdе by Amеrісаn wоrkеrѕ? Dаvіd Barron Shаrуn Alfоnѕі fоund out.

Bу now уоu knоw thе Ushres whо mіght be asking thеmѕеlvеѕ why dіd we dо this and allowing World Nеwѕ to come сhесk on everything іn thеіr home.

Tаblеѕ mаdе in India, made іn Thailand, Bаnglаdеѕh, table was made in Thailand,  whеrе’ѕ уоur couch? Made frоm Chіnа, tаkе оut anything thаt wаѕn’t mаdе іn Amеrіса.

Thе Ushres came hоmе tо аn еmрtу hоuѕе. All of our appliances are gone, no microwave, no oven, no stove, nо rеfrіgеrаtоr.